Automated crypto-portfolio tracking and robo-advising tool
The XChainer.io platform has been developed since 2017 and launched into active operation in 2019. At present, the project is at the same time in the stage of active operation and refinement.

More than 1500 crypto-investors have been used xchainer already, without any marketing campaign.
The basic principles of the project
Effective crypto asset management strategies are available to every investor.
The investor chooses a ready-made strategy or draws it up independently; all the platform's work is transparently reflected in the visual history of transactions.
All user funds remain on his exchange account and are not transferred anywhere. All capital remains under the personal control of the user.
The best portfolio investment cases are checked before being used in the backtesting tool. Rebalancing, dynamic patterns and indices, diversification based on correlations and risk-return ratios.