SCI Technology team presents
SCI Network
Global croud-investing platform based on SCI Blockchain and innovative marketing solutions
SCI Network platform allows third-party projects to attract investments using SCI technologies and opportunities. All SCI Blockchain users are related and forms powerful marketing structure.
Third-party project options
Create own crypto-token based on SCI Blockchain platform. Token is accompanied by a smart contract and marketing plan. exchange token placement in the primary
and secondary markets.
SCI Wallet token connect. SCI Wallet can be used to token transactions and holding.
Exchange own token via
SCI Blockchain smart contract on SCIPAY. Thus, carry out fundraising in SCIPAY.
Projects selection
SCI experts
First, SCI Experts conduct in-depth analysis and audit of the project. At this stage, the issue, the terms of the smart contract and the marketing plan are determined.
SCI Network community
At this stage, every community member can vote the project by participating in early presale event. 50% discount makes it more attractive. If project takes needed cap, SCI Network gives a permission to init main token-sale smart-contract. Otherwise, every member takes back spended SCIPAY.
All SCI Network participants are interconnected. At the same time, the structure of participants works equally within each new project. All the work of the system participants equally affects the principles of participation in all future projects.